“Little Monster” by nasmore, Ariana Celaeno

Infusing pop, tango, and metal, Nasmore has brought his new track “Little Monster” featuring Ariana Celaeno, available everywhere now. Nasmore is a critically acclaimed songwriter and producer, and truly thrives in this darker alternative pop world that he showcases in this single. His previous releases being “Eyes That Knew Too Much” and “Masters of Damnation.”

Singer Ariana Celaeno is a rising European pop star, she first turned to music when she was only nine after dealing with the loss of her grandfather. When asked why she makes music she shared. “I make music because I want to hug you with my voice when you have no one else to hug.”

Celaeno light vocals add a layer of childhood innocence to a girl singing about a monster. The melody in the verses overall feels like a nursey rhyme with her singing, “little monsters in my bed / dancing tango ‘til I’m dead / look I’m feeling like I’m mad / I think that this is the end.” The lyrics are able to convey this metaphorical message, showcasing that the “little monster” is more the narrator’s inner turmoil. It is a clever to showcase that in the lyrics while the production has a darker sound like a real monster.

The contrast between the chorus and the verse is exciting, a full 180. The singer wants to give into the dance of the monster with wailing electric guitars and explosive synths, its amps the feeling up to 11. The combination of larger-than-life production and breathy vocals is reminiscent of a track Billie Eilish could have recorded.

With thematic instrumentation, thought provoking lyrics, it is clear that Celaeno and Nasmore where the perfect duo when taking on the track “Little Monster” and hopefully we see more collaborations from them in the future.

Written by Katie Power





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