“Roly Moes” by SALt

Step into the dark world created by the alt rock group SALt with their new single “Roly Moes.” The band is made up of married couple Sharon and Robin Woods alongside Simon Kettles and James King. They have already supported notable acts like Goodbye Mr Mackenzie and Rose MacDowell of Strawberry Switchblade, as well as perform at the 2023 Lowland Music Awards.

“Roly Moes” is a dark story about a father discovering his lost daughter was a stripper. He is enraged by this to the fact that he wanted to take her life. The song shows the daughter pushing through the judgement regardless of the names he calls her.

The production is creepy and ominous and leans into the dark scene of the bar that the listener is put into. Sharon Wood is our lead singer and narrator, and she keeps the listener on the edge of their seats the whole story.

So if you’re looking for strong storytelling and rocking production, SALt is the band for you!

Written by Katie Power





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