“Small Girl in a Big World” by Soleil River Nation

Barely a decade into her time on this planet, Florida-based budding musician Soleil River Nation has accomplished the impressive accolade of completing her first musical recording before finishing elementary school. Far from a one-hit wonder, the precocious talent has already collected a full repertoire of accolades in the preceding. Already a multi-instrumentalist, she has proven herself among the National Children’s Chorus, establishing herself as a pillar of the institution. In an auspicious start to her solo musical journey, she tells the story of her young ambitions and anxieties as she navigates the music industry and the general world at large in her debutant single “Small Girl in a Big World.” 

The song wastes no time establishing itself and begins with fast lyrics out of the gate with the artist setting the narrative with the opening line “I don’t wanna grow up to see the bad things or sad things.” The song quickly develops into an earworm as it presents a catchy tune that feels new yet comfortable. Blending elements of country and pop, the musicality parallels the sentimentality of the vocal message throughout.

Many times throughout the piece, the artist gives pause to reflect on the path ahead and advocates for making the most out of her journey. She offers insight on the pace of life that feels genuinely insightful, especially for a person of her age, claiming “The world’s too slow, yet so, so fast.” Her commentary on the process of growing up and wanting to be a part of something bigger than herself is consistently inspiring and motivates the listener to take inventory of their own life and evaluate how they are spending their time on this earth.

Written by Nick Gumas





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