“Nightmares” by Stewart Taylor

Los Angeles-based Singer, Songwriter, and dancer, Stewart Taylor is no stranger to the heat of the Southern California limelight. Quickly establishing himself as a staple in the community with their unique blend of Pop and R&B, his music embodies a sense of youthful optimism and reckless abandon that always finds a way to gracefully articulate his deep emotions. As he looks to the future, he continues to impress by adding to his illustrious repertoire with the release of his newest and emotionally gripping single “Nightmares.”

The single begins with a smooth and collected track as a slowly pulsating synthetic beat sets the tone for the upcoming ballad. A percussive rhythm accompanies the introduction of Taylor’s vocals as he sets the narrative tone with the first line “One week without you and night after night I’ve been fighting these demons.” The song continues in an affectionate musical rhythm with every note expressively punctuating lyrics that feel as if they come straight from the artist’s soul.

Throughout the piece, Taylor’s lyrics tell a love story of the comfort found in the best parts of a relationship. While he does not only find comfort in the presence of his partner during the nights when they share the same bed, their absence creates a void filled with intrusive thoughts he categorizes as monstrous. With lines like “Baby you take the nightmares away, yeah you always blanket the pain” he lends credence to the idea that even the most mundane chores of life can be unbearable when forced to go it without the right person.

Written by Nick Gumas





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