“erotica” by John Carcer

Horrorcore screamo/shoegaze artist John Carcer’s new single, “erotica” is a hypnotic, somewhat uneasy, but unbelievable listen. To put Carcer’s sound into a genre is difficult enough, as his distinct sound is unique beyond measure. The song begins quietly and mellow, with Carcer’s whisper-like vocals and foreboding melody. The melody starts picking up, and Carcer’s vocals switch to complete screamo effortlessly. Being a fan of both screamo and shoegaze music, “erotica” is genuinely like nothing being put out today. 

Fans of music with deep lyrics who like to feel apprehensive (in the best way possible) will love “erotica.” The instrumental and Carcer’s vocals become more disturbed as the song continues; horrorcore listeners won’t be able to get enough. The track is not for everyone, as screamo music isn’t, but to me and many others, it is music to our ears. John Carcer’s type of screamo music is essential, as his vocals are also cry-like at the same time, bringing listeners into his most vulnerable moments; his raw emotions come through beautifully.

Although the title may suggest something else, the premise of “erotica” is about dying for attention. Carcer wants to spread awareness about this morbid but frequent occurrence. On a more personal note, Carcer wrote “erotica” for his best friend, who succumbed to the same heartbreaking faith. 

Listen to “erotica” and John Carcer’s other music now. “erotica” is available on most major music streaming platforms!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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