“Prodigal Son” by Baby T

Carving out a name for himself in the hip hop genre, Baby T has released his brand-new album Prodigal Son, available everywhere now. The artist has won multiple Emmys for his mix work and engineering. He has had over 20 years in the music industry, working alongside other artists like Trina, Young Buck, and more.

The 17-track album mixes multiple influences across hip hop. Baby T’s opening song is “REARVIEW,” Baby T’s voice echoes confidence as he talks about trusting in faith and going against what people want for him. He sings, “but I thought it was cool to do it my way / I guess I’m not the Sinatra of my day / What you saying I don’t live for the rush? / I scrap every dollar and crumb that I touch.” Baby T is able to convey how he sees both sides of his journey, he is well aware of the hardships he has faced, but he knows the dream is worth it for him.

“Misunderstood” was the lead single of the project. It has a very thematic and dramatic feel to it. It starts with singing before Baby T starts rapping. The contrast adds the grit needed to show Baby T’s push and grind he constantly shows in the industry.

The track “Call Home” has two versions on the album. He has “Call Home” and “Call Home (Piano & Me Version.)” The song definitely makes sense to have stripped down. Baby T sings about his battle with grief and the grief he has witnessed through others. It is a gentle reminder to love and how permanent death is. “So, frame every moment like it’s on the wall / until you run out of space,” he sings.

Overall, Baby T finds a way to really showcase his storytelling and capture his motivation and heart. It is clear that he is determined and will continue to fight for his dreams. He is truly an exciting artist to watch.

Written by Katie Power





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