“You’re Good To Me” by Kerlyne Liberus

Using her music as a way to connect and heal, Kerlyne Liberus has released her touching new EP “You’re Good To Me,” available everywhere now. Liberus has had a strong connection with God throughout her entire music career. Finding her love of music through watching her father’s band, she quickly joined the children choir at her church and took part in solos. The New Jersey based singer has taken what she has witnessed growing up in New York and New Jersey, alongside her Haitian culture to create music that is personal and grounded by her relationship with God. Alongside her gospel influence, she also weaves her influences of jazz, soul, and more.

You’re Good To Me is a five track EP highlighting the title track “You’re Good To Me.” The five minute track leaves no moment wasted, with Liberus’s soft yet strong vocals soaring throughout the single. She is able to capture such emotion in her voice, that it truly could bring the listeners to tears. The instrumentals allow for these powerful and passionate vocals to take center stage, with soft acoustic guitars and pianos. The song amps up when Liberus introduces a gospel choir later in the song.

Along with this track, Liberus has an instrumental, vocals only, a radio edit, and instrumental version of the radio edit. It shows Liberus had intention for each piece of this song so it is a beautiful opportunity to hear each aspect isolated.

Overall, Liberus radiates her love for God throughout her performance of “You’re Good To Me” and she truly is an artist you do not want to miss!

Written by Katie Power





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