“Love Is Not A F*cking Game” by Kamakshi Khanna

A trailblazer in India’s indie music scene who is gaining international attention, Kamakshi Khanna has released “Love Is Not A F*cking Game,” available everywhere now. Khanna is a Mumbai-based artist, and she thrives in both writing and singing in Hindi and English. The singer has already performed on NH7 Weekender and VH1 Supersonic, as well as opening for well-known artists like Sunidhi Chauhan and Lucky Ali. In 2018, Khanna did a solo US tour including LA, Austin, and DC, and she is looking forward to touring across the US again soon.

“Love Is Not A F*cking Game” is a clever depiction of discusses boundaries and feeling used in a relationship. Khanna’s blends inspirations from pop, folk, soul and more, creating a sound that is all her own. The songstress has a strong voice that is soft, sweet, yet commanding. She has an emotional conversational tone, that carries throughout the track.

The song accompanies a music video that is super impressive. It is depicted as a guy playing a video game with Khanna on scene making tongue and cheek references to many iconic video games. It slowly got darker and darker as Khanna’s frustrating with love continued to build. love is not a f*cking game for me / it’s not an escape for me / it’s not supposed to leave you / so empty leave you so weak,” she sings in the chorus of the track.

Overall, Khanna has a strong sense of branding and sense of self. Her songwriting is sharp, and she has creative ways to get her feelings across that are not seen as often.

Written by Katie Power




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