Already gaining praise from publications like Rolling Stone and American Songwriter, Love Ghost has released his new ep “THE SPEED OF DREAMING,” available everywhere now. Love Ghost has already toured a number of festivals across Europe. His collaborators on the EP include Shantra, SAGA, and Latin Grammy nominee BrunOG.

The four song EP kicks off with the moody rock track “BE NOT AFRAID.” The track has a cool pop punk/rock feeling and is reminiscent to some of rock group R5’s earlier sound. Love Ghost amps up the emotion in the chorus with layered screaming and shouting, showing his desperation for love with the person in the song. “what are you scared of? / I hope that it’s not love,” he shouts to start the chorus.

The next track ESPEJO is a collaboration with Mexican Artist El Santo. The song takes Love Ghost’s LA rock influences and mixes them with some acoustic Spanish guitar. The duet includes both English and Spanish lyrics, which makes sense based on Love Ghost’s wide fan base.

“Luna Azul” is also a collaboration but with Mexican Artists Helian and MONDE. It is an emo rock track with some hip hop and Spanish influences, further showcasing Love Ghost’s vast influences and ability to blend them all into a cohesive sound.

The project finishes with the acoustic track “Wallflower.” It is a more vulnerable track with vocals forward and guitars surrounding Love Ghost. This track is raw in the storytelling with Love Ghost singing “losing all your teeth / drinking mercury / I love your flaws / I can face God/ I felt poison inside my head / I keep a gun down under my bed / I’m building coffins for the lost souls / that they’ve kept down in a dark whole.”

Overall, the whole project showcases Love Ghost’s strong sound and sharp influences. He has found collaborators who have helped him both hone and expand his sound.

Written by Katie Power





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