“Could I, Would I” by Mad Nad Bo

With distinct vocals and strong storytelling, Mad Nad Bo has released their enchanting new track “Could I, Would I” out everywhere now. Mad Nad Bo is led by frontwoman Nadine Jordan. A Swiss based artist with Scotland in her heart, she takes influence from modern pop as well as blues, soul, and jazz. The bandmates that accompany her vocals are Annie Mumford, Dominique Borriello, and her husband Sandro Jordan on guitar, and

“Could I, Would I” is a song that faces the insecurities of the start of a relationship. The overall sound has a whimsical and waltz-like sound to it which has it stand out against other modern pop songs. Nad of Mad Nad Bo showcases her beautifully rich vocals across the track. She has a sultry sound that perfectly complements the romance that floods the track. The chorus lyrics repeat “Could I, Would I, Should I be with you?” further driving home the insecurities and doubts that can fill someone’s head at the start of a brand-new relationship.

The sound has a somewhat haunting feeling to it, with British Plunger magazine describing it as “spellbinding.” There is a synth that plays throughout the song that adds this extra element of suspense that continues to capture the feelings in the song.

Nad has a standout vocals and lyricism, her emotions radiate throughout the track and the production gives her a unique edge. She proves that she has something real to say and is able to say it in a way that is fresh and new.

Written by Katie Power





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