“Smokin’ All the Weed” by heavy on the heart.

East-Coast Pop Punk outfit “heavy on the heart.” has been erupting on the scene as they find their place in the resurgence of the genre. A band that has taken every opportunity to celebrate that which is important to them, their newest release “Smokin’ All the Weed” acknowledges all that along with the changing of the seasons with an appropriate 4/20 release date. 

A holiday hit for the new age, they debut their newest single to celebrate the mid-April holiday as the launch date for this energetically festive release. The single proves itself not as a laid-back and passive music, but rather a rapturous anthem in an upbeat key that serves as the artists’ thoughts on leaving toxic relationships, and a general love letter to the pastime of embracing one’s youth.

The single wastes no time getting to the core of its message. From the start, reverberant guitar notes strum a lively pop-punk progression as they accompany the first line of the song “I’m picking up the piece and I’m smoking all the weed. I’m smoking all the weed ‘till it’s gone.” Playing similar to the over-the-top bombastic energy of bands like “Bowling for Soup,” the band finds a way to allow their audience to feel excited about the tribulations of everyday life.

In telling the story of leaving a relationship destined for failure, the artists articulate countless thoughts we have often had in similar instances. The words of the narrative prove beyond simple musings and offer insight into their tether to reality. Chiefly, the line “I don’t hold it against you, just know you’re wrong” stands out as a particular example of the group’s ability to manufacture lines that stick with a listener for long periods.

Written by Nick Gumas





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