“No Hard Feelings” by The project

A true veteran of the rock genre, James Davis, former lead guitarist of mid-2000s powerhouse rock group “Shameless” has shown his evolution as an artist as he embarks on his newest venture simply titled “The project.” While he has ditched the hair-glam aesthetic for a more refined style, the music still reflects the artist’s inner fire as they speak to their inner passion and creative inspirations with The project’s newest release “no hard feelings.”. 

The piece opens with a percussive introduction which segways into a heavier and fuller sound from the whole band. Davis begins the narrative shortly after with the opening lyrics “I used to watch you in the window late at night, wishing I could just hold you.” He goes on to describe the relationship between him and his fans as he finds confidence in his music through their reaction to his music with lines like “You want to hate it but somehow you find yourself just singing along. That’s ok, theres no hard feelings”

Vocally, Davis’ talents are on full display. Sharing a similar tonal quality to Bon Jovi, he displays a level of comfortability in heartily projecting his lyrics with fervorous intensity without sacrificing his standards for articulation or aural clarity.

As a whole, the single reflects a style of musical intention that has not received its proper respect and representation in quite some time. With a strong sense of identity, it propels a sense of elation and aspiration that makes one believe anything might be possible.

Written by Nick Gumas





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