YUS and Manneken Records Announce Anticipated Synthpop Album ‘Hyperspiritual’

Hyperspiritual’  features seven tracks framed by the smooth, ethereal sound YUS is known for…

The opening track “Kettle Beat” is available for streaming on Bandcamp and Apple Music 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, APRIL 26, 2024 – Los Angeles-based artist YUS has unveiled his upcoming album, ‘Hyperspiritual’. This highly anticipated album marks the fourth full length album from YUS and is being released through his own independent label Manneken Records. 

Belgium-born YUS, also known as Youceff Yunque Kabal, has been forging his own unique synthpop style since 2010. His debut album ‘Palms’ was made in his bedroom and debuted on Bandcamp in the fall of 2010. Since then, YUS has released a consistent stream of electropop albums and tracks that have left listeners with his music on repeat. 

Most recently, YUS has been at work on ‘Hyperspiritual’. This seven-track album features the striking synthpop style that has become the signature sound of YUS while blending auto-tuned vocals, heavy synthesizer patches, and bold beats into a new journey into music that elevates the listener into a spiritual plane. The seven tracks include “Kettle Beat”, “Home”, “Give Me That”, “WAYWYN?”, “Better Frens”, “You Think It’s Alright”, and “Smoke Rings”. 

“The idea stemmed from a Facebook post from Darragh Nolan, who releases music as Sacred Animals, in which he evoked his belief that music comes from the spirit, and returns us to spirit, our original, true form,” said YUS. 

Not only will the new album be released soon, but YUS is also working to have a vinyl version of ‘Hyperspiritual’ made. He has just released a fundraising project that invites fans and vinyl enthusiasts to join on the journey to bringing ‘Hyperspiritual’ into vinyl record format. 

With fans around the world, YUS is leaving his mark on the musical world. One fan, who reviewed his earlier album ‘Talisman’, said, “In 1999, I remember listening to Moby’s track ‘Porcelain’, getting chills, and thinking to myself that I wish all his music sounded this good. 15 years later, a talented musician named YUS must have been thinking the same thing, except he did something about it.”

YUS is back once more to delight fans and synthpop lovers everywhere. ‘Hyperspiritual’ will make its official debut on May 3, 2024, and will be available on all streaming platforms. The digital album and vinyl is available for pre-order on Bandcamp and for pre-add on Apple Music. The opening song “Kettle Beat” is available as a grat track for instant streaming. Stay up to date with YUS and listen to ‘Hyperspiritual’ when it launches by visiting https://hyperspiritual.com and https://linktr.ee/yusnotyus.


YUS is the sound of American artist Youceff Yunque Kabal. Drawing from an eclectic set of influences, YUS creates emotive soundscapes that strike listeners with their depth and impactful lyrics.  Follow @yusnotyus on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter/X, and Facebook.







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