“God Damn” by Love Ghost (feat. ND Kobi’)

If you’re a fan of alternative-emo music, you’ll love the unique take on the genre with Love Ghost’s (feat. ND Kobi’) new song, “God Damn.” The track is in collaboration with Mexican artist ND Kobi’, which brings a hint of Latin R&B, creating an emotional, genre-fusing track about feeling paralyzed within your own mind.

“God Damn” begins with a heart-rending instrumental consisting of subtle guitar and melancholic keys. Love Ghost’s moving vocals allow his feelings to shine, making listeners gravitate towards his touching lyrics. The first lyrics are “I feel trapped inside of my mind; sometimes I love how it feels dangerous,” immediately starting on a solid note. The instrumental then begins to get more intense, as does his vocals.

The overpowering feeling of being trapped in your head is something every human can relate to, and Love Ghost encapsulates this feeling flawlessly within “God Damn.” His vocals are reminiscent of those of emo artists such as Nothing, Nowhere. and Shinigami, yet he puts his own spin on the genre.

About halfway through, “God Damn” takes a completely different turn when ND Kobi’s verse arrives. His verse is entirely in Spanish, highlighting that music has no barrier. His sultry vocals bring a R&B feel to the song. Love Ghost and ND Kobi’ create a romantic, gloomy, and ultra-catchy song. 

“God Damn” is one of the latest singles off Love Ghost’s upcoming album, which will be featuring Marilyn Manson’s guitar player and producer, Tim Skold. The emo-rap artist has recently toured Europe, where they played the Rockpalast festival broadcast throughout Germany on German television.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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