“Restless” by Aidan Cross

With sweeping falsettos and an underlying rage, London-based artist Aidan Cross has released his new single “Restless,” available now. The single has been released ahead of the Scottish born single’s upcoming album Oh, There’s Horses – to be released later this year.

“Restless” was written by Cross in what he calls “one furious night.” Lyrically, the song has the narrator pointing out things that are obvious and then in the chorus alluding to some unfaithfulness by the other person in the song. “Working overtime on / some other Joe / but do they know what I know?” he sings setting the scene.

Musically, Cross had a vision to make the music contrast his rage. He has delicate vocals and harmonies, the song having this distant feeling – blending a pop and indie rock sound.

When talking his goal for the song, Cross shares, “Upon a first listen, you could almost perceive ‘Restless’ as floating and blithe, but I believe it truly is an angry song. Sonically, it is a departure from my previous work with the intent of capturing the type of anger that doesn’t kick or shout, but simmers in the gut through the mundane.”

A music video was also released alongside the track, with a couple in black and white talking about the affair in French, with the woman saying she wishes she knew why she did it. The song plays with detectives and interrogation scenes, giving it an old film style and playing on those tropes.

Overall, Cross executed a strong single and vision, his music video let his playful side show while the single itself has this real vulnerability and soft rage that is rare yet thrilling to see.

Written by Katie Power





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