“Know My Name” by Wiljo

Delivering honest songwriting and country heart, Wiljo has released his vulnerable new song “Know My Name” available everywhere now.

Lyrically, Wiljo talks about the pain one faces when losing someone like a father. His vocals are conversational, yet you can hear the pain when he talks about his struggles. The song has an overall country feel with the acoustic guitar solo and the heart in the storytelling.

The second verse drives home that picture with, “I miss my dad and I hope he sees me out here now living my dream i drink a cold beer and look up at the sky and then say hi every once in awhile.” Battling that grief is not easy but he feels better knowing that people can relate to the music that he has shared.

Overall, Wiljo has something real to say, and gets straight to it. He does not need overly flowery writing and can cut deep with just telling people how it is. The production surrounding his vocals allows his storytelling to shine and showcase a classic country edge. Songs about grief add this increased vulnerability, so it is incredibly brave that Wiljo was not only able to write this track but share it with the world.

Lyrically, it can be reminiscent to Taylor Swift’s song Marjorie where she tells the story of her late grandmother and how she still feels her all around. Wiljo has a similar feeling when he looks up at the sky during a tough time. The track is definitely one that people should add to their country playlists.

Written by Katie Power



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