“Highway Star” by JP Kennedy

Taking inspiration from his rebellious family tree, singer-songwriter JP Kennedy has released his new EP Highway Star, available everywhere now. Kennedy shared the main influence of this project is his emigrant great grandfather, Con Kennedy, who owned a saloon in the late 1880s around Arizona. Being based between Ireland and Germany, Kennedy takes influences not only from America’s Wild West sound but Ireland’s Celtic sound – giving him an overall unique sound and perspective.

“Clementine (Oh My Darlin’ Drinks Moonshine)” is the first single from Highway Star and uses a sample of the western folk ballad “Oh, My Darling Clementine.” Both the JP Kennedy’s version and the original play with humor in their lyrics. Kennedy puts a twist on the hook by saying “oh, my darling drinks moonshine.” The track is filled with chanting and roaring electric guitars, Kennedy has an impressive ability to blend all his influences in a way that they are all still visible throughout his songs.

“Vaudevillian Rose” is the third single from the project and sings about the dangers of falling in love with a vaudeville performer. The song’s gang vocals and rocking guitar give it a full energetic feel. Accompanied by a slapstick performance music video, it helps bring forward Kennedy’s goal of having a balance of serious and somewhat tongue and cheek EP.

Overall, JP Kennedy has a fun sense of humor and clever songwriting. The fluidity in his genres allows him to cross over and take risks whenever he wants to. The music videos really add to his world building and show off his artistry.

Written by Katie Power





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