“Healing” by Joe Bygraves

From local star to viral talent, UK based artist Joe Bygraves has released his new single “Healing” available everywhere now. Originally from Bedfordshire, Bygraves has already opened for acts like Paloma Faith and Ronan Keating. A career highlight for Bygraves so far is in 2020 is his song “Stand As One” was the official campaign single for the #WeMakeEvents movement. This movement was for the music and entertainment industry during the coronavirus pandemic. The single was mixed at the iconic Abbey Road studios. Now in 2024, he continues to release music that connects with the souls of his listeners.

“Healing” is a song that is straight from the heart. With decadent piano and rich vocals, Bygraves’s emotions pour through the song and create true vulnerability. The song ends with added layering of vocals, adding a large buildup of emotions before a dramatic fade out.

Lyrically, “Healing” talks exactly about what the title says. Bygraves shares his struggles with the process of getting over someone he saw forever with. “I wonder where you are now / are you with your friends downtown? / while I’m holding back the breakdowns / I’m crying in my car alone again,” he sings, painting this tragic picture that he is almost jealous that the other person can move on from him so easily while he is trapped in the past.

When talking about what the song meant for him, Bygraves shared, “Healing is about struggling to move on from that one person; the one person you never thought you could live without, the one who you thought you would be with forever and the one that will always hold a place in your heart.”

Overall, Bygraves lyrics are fresh and cut right to the core, his vulnerability in his songwriting is admirable, and his future is bright.

Written by Katie Power





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