“I Struck Gold With You” by TaniA Kyllikki

Singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki’s poignant new track, ‘I Struck Gold With You,’ is a heartwarming dedication to love. The song, with its vulnerable lyrics about finally finding “the one” and a sultry, romantic piano instrumental, harks back to a time when music was about raw emotion and heartfelt expression. The powerful track is the ultimate companion to belt out in the car, listen to on lonely nights, or send to your current lover. Whatever one’s current status is, ‘I Struck Gold With You’ will put any listener in a fairy-tale haze. 

A simple yet captivating, passionate ballad is rarely put out into the music scene in 2024. Where catchy melodies and rap battles are taking the forefront right now, a song with raw emotion laid out is sometimes all we need. ‘I Struck Gold With You’ encapsulates the universal feeling of giving and receiving love, a sentiment that everyone can relate to, whether currently in a relationship or not. These lyrics provide an insight into Kyllikki’s innermost personal thoughts, serving as both a diary and a passage of love to whoever is listening. 

Aside from an artistic standpoint, Kyllikki’s vocals alone should be discussed. Her angel-like vocals not only bring peace but also comfort to the listener, which is what music is about. 

Fans of old-school R&B with a touch of soul won’t get enough of ‘I Struck Gold With You.’ The mesmerizing instrumental and Kyllikki’s innate storytelling abilities make a perfect addition to anyone’s R&B playlist. Don’t miss the chance to experience the track today. It’s readily available on all major music streaming platforms, making it easy for you to immerse yourself in TaniA Kyllikki’s soulful world.

Photo credit: Awe Inspiring Records – TaniA Kyllikki

Written by Melissa Cusano


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