“TOO LATE” by Crystal Starr

“Too Late” is the new pop focused hyped up heartbreak song. Crystal Starr delivers a powerful song noting on what it feels like to be treated unwell in a relationship. If the hard lyrical start of the song doesn’t tell you that in the verse, “I Didn’t need a superman / but you weren’t even Clark Kent”, then I don’t know what will.

Crystal Starr showcases a strong pop heavy performance. It has all the makings of a hit song. The chorus has a beautiful addition of background singers to really elevate the dexterity in which she was going for.

The message is loud and clear. Crystal Starr is taking back her power. Not just through her impressive vocal range but also within the lyrical journey. This song was meant to show her ex that she can’t be messed with anymore. There is true intensity to the way she is able to bring such honesty and rage in her storytelling.

The production choices align with a true pop song. Crystal Starr knows when to keep the listener engaged and how to manifest an emotion of revenge. This song is the anthem for anyone who has ever felt betrayed or belittled within their relationship. Although it’s mainly a fun listen, it also ignites some deep feelings.

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Too Late”.

Written by Tricia Patras



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