“Warrior” by Becky Raisman

Becky Raisman’s latest EP, ‘Warrior,’ is a captivating blend of genres, a testament to her truly unique and distinctive musical style. The EP features three tracks, each a fusion of different genres, all of which serve as a platform for Raisman’s clever lyrics and innate talent. The electronic-esque instrumentals, a mix of piano, guitar, and heart-pounding beats, add a distinct flavor to each song, while Raisman’s vocals bring a more singer-songwriter element to the overall composition.

The title track, ‘Warrior,’ kicks off the EP with an overpowering drum-n-bass instrumental, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. This song doesn’t hold back; it is a powerful and uncompromising opener that gives a taste of the energy and power to come. Raisman’s voice, starting with the chorus, belts out, ‘Put your big boots on, you warrior,’ adding to the high-powered intensity of the track.

Following “Warrior” is “Live Your Life,” which showcases Raisman’s versatility with its almost country/hip-hop vibe, reminiscent of artists like Yelawolf or Lil Nas X. There is nothing more creative than blending genres that may not come easy to make right away, highlighting Raisman’s undeniable talent for producing a unique track. The final song on the EP is “Summer Nights,” which is the most “pop” song of ‘Warrior.’ As the title suggests, this song is the ultimate accompaniment for pool parties, beach days, or drives down the beach with the windows down. 

Becky Raisman is originally from the Chicagoland area of Highland Park and Waukegan. She is a Columbia College Chicago alum, class of 2007. ‘Warrior’ was recorded at 4U Recording Studios in Memphis. Please take a listen today; you won’t regret it!

Written by Melissa Cusano





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