“Welcome” by VOST

German-based Prog Rock project Vost has been busy establishing itself as one of the next pillars in their community since their release a few short years ago. With an upbeat and elating sensibility defining every release, they have made their audiences leap out of their seats with every song, their newest single “Welcome” proves no different. Serving as a touching tribute to a loved one, the song was architected by singer, Manu Kefalas, in honor of the birth of their new daughter. Rather than release a deviating ballad to commemorate the occasion, the single proves to be as hard-hitting as the rest of their discography and highlights the love Kefalas feels in their heart for the newest member of their family.

The piece begins with a rhythmic and heavy bassline that quickly defines the mood of the song. As the rest of the band joins in, Kefalas begins the narrative with the opening line “Endless smiles and roaring tears is what you share with me, and I wonder if you will ever understand the peace and joy you bring to me.” Their words outline the complicated emotions and endless joy experienced by all new parents as they speak about embracing life for both the good times and the bad.

Midway through the single, the sounds of a young child laughing can be heard on the track, further highlighting the sentimentality of how personal this anthem is to the musicians.

The piece repeats one line several times throughout, anchoring the message. Each time Kefalas repeats “Welcome to this happy place, my heart beats for you.” we are reminded of just how sacred life can be and the importance of caring for those closest to you.

Written by Nick Gumas





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