“Dreaducation” by Mighty Joshua

Virginia-based reggae artist and all-around OG in the Rasta community Mighty Joshua has been influencing those around him with his music and wisdom since debuting his music over a decade ago. During this time, he has earned the respect of his fans as well as peers and even earned a few awards along the way. His newest release proves to build on this momentum as he takes us all back to school in his newest release “Dreaducation.”

The title track of the album defines much of the artist’s soul and features a full sound with a horn-heavy presence and culminates in an elating and fulfilling listening experience. As the piece begins with incredible energy, the band introduces the song with a few loud notes before Joshua enters by repeating the word “Dreaducation.”

The lyrics are delivered with incredible flow and precision throughout. Like a stream of consciousness, he lays out his passion for his music and history in every line. He begins the narrative with “Gather ‘round children, lemme tell you a story. My story, your story, pain, and glory.” He continues in this sentimental vein, every verse filled with lines equally proving philosophical as well as artistic merit such as “The lamb don’t wear the crown so it can look pretty” and “The faithful see the glory, blessings flow abundantly.”

The artist masterfully blends the firey lyrical punch of old-world roots reggae with the upbeat and heart-heavy energy of the new age. Similar to artists such as “Steel Pulse” or “Kabaka Pyramid” he delivers music that pays respect to the genre’s legacy while ushering it into the next generation.

Written by Nick Gumas





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