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Artist Interview: “The Whole World Has Gone Insane” by The Siren

Q: Hi! How are you? How has this week been?

THE SIREN: Every week above ground is a great week.

Q: I was taken aback to learn that “The Whole World Has Gone Insane” is part of your 24-track visual album, “1984,” which is insane! How did you come up with this idea? What inspired it?

THE SIREN: I had been writing this album through a lot of interesting times, the pandemic, lockdowns, then being in Ukraine, driving across the warzone extracting family. Seeing this rise of tyrannical and authoritarian policies all over the world, the way the corporatocracy tried to censor speech, how the media inverted meanings of wording, and then the destruction of our city and the horrors that come with it, it brought me back to my favorite book 1984.

The writings were prophetic. What better to go with it than music from 1984? I also proposed to my wife in Chernobyl/Pripyat Ukraine which was a city frozen in time in the 80s. Walking through it and this vibe just helped me get in that headspace. Its also my birth year. A lot of things came together in a perfect storm to inspire this type of album.


Q: “The Whole World Has Gone” is about being in love during war/an apocalypse. Correct me if I’m wrong. How do you balance those contrasting elements in the song?

THE SIREN: Actually, the 2nd single “Chariot” is about love/war and parts of that journey. “The Whole World Has Gone Insane” is about everyone being hypnotized by media, tv, phones, social media, radio, etc and becoming zombies with their eyes glued to the screens and then breaking away from that world and returning to nature where it is peaceful.


Q: Were there any specific real-world events or experiences that influenced the creation of this song?

THE SIREN: Watching the censorship, the taking of human rights, so much chaos around the world, the exposing of so much corruption, and no one bats an eye. The masses are glued to their phones and their entertainment. In their bubbles while so many groundbreaking and unprecedented things are happening, good and bad.

During the lockdowns I rescued a timber wolf and moved out of Los Angeles and up towards Big Bear for a bit, deep in the mountains and forests. I found so much beauty and peace there. The song is about leaving society forever and returning to the forest.


Q: The video, which garnered over 50,000 views and thousands of likes, is trippy and spectacular! How’d you decide what to include in the video?

THE SIREN: I just made the imagery based off of the lyrics and what was in my head while composing it.


Q: Your music has landed you several awards, like the Producer Choice Awards’ Artist of the Year, Hollywood FAME’s Best in Live Performance, Global Music Award’s Song of the Year and more. You’ve also charted No. 1 nationally and no. 3 globally. How does it feel?

THE SIREN: When I hear music that makes me experience something deep, I cherish that and just want to pay it forward and do that for others. Transport them into another reality temporarily. I admire those that have taken me there when I needed it. It feels good to know that others have enjoyed the art as I have enjoyed others’ art.


Q: Has there been anyone in your life who was consistently supportive since day one?

THE SIREN: I have been blessed with a handful of loving friends and family that have all been supportive. When I create something new, I care most about sharing it with them. Showing those that I love my art means more to me than being seen or heard by millions of people.


Q: What upcoming projects should your fans be on the lookout for?

THE SIREN: I will be composing another album that is more raw and stripped down in the near future. Vibes from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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