“Cast out to Sea” by Chapel of Roses

A project that proves that passion knows no boundaries, the members of Chapel of Roses have returned to the studio after a four-decade hiatus to burst back onto the scene with a vengeance as they release their comeback spectacular of a single “Cast out to Sea.” With this record, the Nashville-based outfit takes us on a journey through the ages and show us just how much of their art they have left to share with the world.

The piece starts off on a cinematically ominous note. As a single guitar string is plucked we feel tension in the air and anticipation for something great to come. The other instrumentalists come in with their parts one by one until vocalist Chris Kelly begins the narrative with the opening line “Good day, I’m alive, but the water falls, you can’t hold it in your hands.”

The words come straight from Kelly’s heart as he reflects on the voyage of life, its highs as well as lows, as well as the importance of embracing every moment. Lines such as “The journey makes us laugh and cry, why?” punctuate this point as he speaks to his philosophy that the bonds made with those closest to us matter the most, while feelings of animosity and resentment inevitably fade.

An uptempo percussive beat anchors the single throughout. Rhythmically pleasing, it highlights the psychedelic and optimistic nature of the entire piece in a manner that encourages reflection of the lyrics and message while still creating an ambiance to get lost in the song’s musicality. As we welcome this project back to the stage, we can only wait with anticipation to see what they will release next.

Written by Nick Gumas





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