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Artist Interview: “Pieces” by Chris Stanley

Q: The moment I heard “Pieces,” it instantly reminded me of the early ’00s era (The Calling, Seether, etc.), and it impresses me when musicians can take listeners back decades. But it makes me wonder what your influences were for “Pieces.”

CHRIS STANLEY: Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate that. Pieces was something that I had written many years ago. I was kicking around this tune in my head back in early 2000s so that’s funny you mention those times. I can’t say exactly which musical heroes I had in my mind when writing it, but I can say it was one of those songs that seemed to write itself and was bit of catharsis for what life was like in those times.

Q: The chorus is so powerful and even brought tears to my eyes, and it has been so long since music has done that to me. But you sing, “So what she says you’ve nothing left to give me but pieces. I don’t regret anything but waiting so long.” What’s the story behind the song? What inspired it?”

CHRIS: I’m so touched, thank you for sharing that with me. This song kept gathering more meaning for me as the years went by since its initial writing. Those lyrics actually changed a bit to what that they are now just before recording. I wanted to capture this feeling of worrying you’re too ‘damaged’ by love, to be loved; and the warmth and joy from discovering that what you feel is your damage, your ‘pieces’, in the hands of someone who loves you, are more than enough.


Q: You had Seattle Symphony’s Andrew Joslyn join you on the track. That’s a great idea! How did that come about?

CHRIS: Andrew is amazingly talented! I was so fortunate to have him. Eric (Lilavois) has a history of working with Andrew and connected us. I can’t express how lucky and grateful I am for both of their work.


Q: “Pieces” is a part of your debut EP, which has three more tracks on it. Which is your favorite and why?

CHRIS: That’s a tough one. I think of this EP as a small introduction, something I couldn’t move one from without doing first, as the songs had spanned many years of my life. Pieces is a song that really stirs up a lot for me. I do feel a close connection with World Goes Around, and am excited to announce, there may be an alternate version which includes reuniting with Andry Joslyn in the works.


Q: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

CHRIS: I’ve never been one to take myself too seriously or put on airs. I think music for me is a deeply wired ‘behavior’, something in me the reason for which I can’t explain. Something I would have a compulsion to do even if where alone on a desert island. It’s a chase, where the capture is creating into existence, as accurately as possible, what I’m hearing or feeling inside, a never-ending endeavor it often seems.


Q: What influence do you want your music to have on society?

CHRIS: I’m not going to lie and say, ‘I only make music for me’, in my humble opinion, the reason music makes sound is for others to hear. I am motivated by the feeling I get when connecting with those who happen to feel something when listening. To share a moment together, something we can all relate to.


Q: Do you have anything to say to people who are about to click the play button on “Pieces”?

CHRIS: I hope you feel like you are ‘enough’, and that you are worthy of love, and that you enjoy the tune!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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