“Fervor” by Sophia Stephens

Voicing her unique thoughts on the human experience, Sophia Stephens has released her new rock pop single “Fervor,” available now. The Indiana-based singer already has 500 self-written songs under her belt at the age of 18. She is excited to release her 10-track album that will highlight her experiences from 5th grade all the way to present day.

“Fervor” has a fresh sound that pairs well with Stephens’s rich, mature voice. She has a sultry tone that captures this urge she has for revenge and passion. Her vocabulary is unique, with the start of her chorus saying, “I bring mutiny to your shores / you’ll be praying to god forever more.” Her vocals can make a strong comparison to singers like Meg Myers and Billie Eilish. Stephens has this attitude that is so inherent and comes so deeply from herself.

The production of the energetic and fearless. The guitars roar throughout the track, blazing a clear path for Stephens to showcase her range. The bass and drums pair nicely and add to the drive and tension that pushes the track forward. Stephens also has moments where it is almost just her and the bass, building back up to that thematic, epic chorus.

With such a large catalog on the way, it is exciting to see what Stephens has in store for her upcoming releases. It is clear she has carved out a sound she can stand strongly behind, and at such a young age, she can continue to elevate and expand the world she has built.

Written by Katie Power




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