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Artist Interview: “My Lucky Charm” by Ari Fraser

Q: Hi! Thank you so much for doing this. It means a lot.

You composed “My Lucky Charm” for your wife, and I thought it was very sweet, but it made me wonder if there was a specific moment that pushed you to write it or if you had the words on your tongue for a while and just wrote it.

ARI FRASER: “My Lucky Charm” I wrote the words to the tune. I composed a tune and beat first and then on the 12th anniversary of our marriage and 15th year together I actually wrote the song to commemorate that milestone.

Q: I’m sure you presented it to her. What was her reaction?

ARI: She actually cried. I didn’t present it to her until it was totally finished.


Q: What emotions were you trying to convey through “My Lucky Charm”?

ARI: Love, appreciation and commitment.


Q: What was the easiest and most difficult part about writing the song?

ARI: The easiest part was the lyrics… This song was actually one of the easiest songs to write on the album, it just flowed. As soon as the music and beat were together I knew it would be a love song for Tiffany. The words just flowed.


Q: What do you hope your listeners would take from “My Lucky Charm”?

ARI: For lovers, I hope this song provokes a moment of appreciation and self reflection. Realizing how much of our success in life comes from our Lucky Charm.


Q: The song is a part of your debut album, “Shadows Of Tomorrow.” What’s the concept around it?

ARI: The album has a mix of spiritual, love and reflection songs with a touch of modern pop together with fresh sounds meant to catch the listeners ear and invite them on a journey to a new place where a good solid song can also have a pop twist.


Q: What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

ARI: I personally love “Fly My Angel,” it was the easiest and most difficult song to write. It contemplates faith in a realistic way but can also be a very cynical song. It was difficult to write because it started with the chorus, there are times as a cantor that you don’t necessarily “feel it” but one must still maintain composure so that the crowd does still “feel it”.

Sometimes it’s clear as day, you feel spiritual and connected and other times it’s dark and you can’t see 5 steps ahead- on those days you send your prayer out with your “angels” with the hopes that the prayers reach.


Q: Do you have any upcoming projects you could tell us about?

ARI: I’m actually in the middle of writing a new EP, we have some great stuff coming!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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