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Artist Interview: “Flames” by Gabriel

Q: First off, congratulations on your first release. How does it feel?

GABRIEL: Thank you! It feels liberating to finally be able to share with people my music, which I’ve been doing, mostly in secret, in the safety of my bedroom for many years.

Q: What’s the message behind “Flames”?

GABRIEL: I wrote “Flames” about my tendency to over-idealize relationships and to create certain expectations when it comes to meeting people romantically. I always write to express feelings I have so I can better understand them and also, in some cases, find healing [in] the things I create.


Q: What inspired “Flames”?

GABRIEL: The cathartic need I have for putting my feelings into art. Be them good or bad.


Q: What do you want people to take from the song?

GABRIEL: I hope that people who deal with their feelings in a similar way can identify with the song and feel understood. I love when I listen to a song that can express an emotion I never found the words to describe before, so hopefully, it can work in the same way [for] those who need it.


Q: What has the support from family and friends been like since you embarked on your musician journey?

GABRIEL: The best possible. For many years, not even my family and friends knew I was writing songs or singing, and part of it was because I’ve always been too insecure to share that part of me because it’s my most vulnerable. But since I did, I have received nothing but the utmost support and love from them. I’m very lucky.


Q: When you’re not working on music, what does Gabriel like to do?

GABRIEL: I also work as a dancer, mainly ballet and pole dance, and as an actor/ model. And as a pastime, I love to write fiction.


Q: Are you working on any other projects?

GABRIEL: Well, Bring Me Bliss, my music project, is the one I’ve been dedicating my life to for so many years in secret. Flames is just the first step I’m taking on a journey I hope to continue as soon as possible.


Q: What’s the ultimate dream for you as a musician?

GABRIEL: To be able to execute my ideas musically and visually in the way that I want. No matter how long it takes me. And to one day meet and perform with Lady Gaga, my biggest idol.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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