“Detroit Rock City” by Jimmy Fite

Jimmy Fite, a multi-instrumentalist and singer, brings his unique style to the forefront in his “Detroit Rock City” EP, a nostalgic tribute to old-school progressive rock. The EP, comprising three tracks, showcases Fite’s uncompromising vocals, hard-hitting instrumentals, and undeniably catchy tunes, all of which underscore his distinctiveness and relevance in the current rock music scene. 

“Detroit Rock City” kicks off with a powerful punch in the form of “Her Eyes,” a guitar-driven anthem featuring Fite’s unique, upbeat vocals that are sure to captivate. The overpowerful song begins with an intensifying electric guitar opening, cementing the aurora for the rest of the EP. The multi-layered song has moments of quietness to give Fite’s lyrics a front seat, highlighting the beautifully complexities of his music. 

Following “Her Eyes” is “Vengeance” – as the title suggests, a challenging and to-the-point track, with Fite’s vocals adding a blunt, relentless tone that further intensifies the song’s determination vibe. The EP concludes with “Unimaginable,” a track that starts slow and somber, but with the introduction of electric guitar and uplifting vocals, it transforms into a love ballad, showcasing yet another facet of Fite’s versatile talent. 

Overall, “Detroit Rock City” showcases Fite’s genre-fusing abilities and what he brings to the music scene. In a world where instruments and lyrics have been taking a back seat, Fite and his eccentric sound bring a new element of rock music to the current generation.

Written by Melissa Cusano




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