“Strange Old Thing” by Seaker

Self-produced Alt Pop marvel Seeker has been making a sensational run with her musical releases this past season. In an auspicious follow-up to her single “Grown” released earlier this year, she has emerged from the studio once again to vocalize her deepest introspections on life in her newest release “Strange Old Thing.” 

From the moment this piece begins, we feel transported into a realm of meditative clarity where we feel open to examining uncomfortable realities under the safety of the artist’s shepherding. The soothing sounds of a slide guitar and a synth percussive beat set the mood as she wastes no time constructing the narrative, becoming comfortable with their vulnerability from the opening line “Maybe its time to feel the cold, maybe your warmth just kept me soft.”

In confronting the dilemma of deciding to let go of a relationship that has been so central to one’s life for so long, the artist speaks truth to an all-to-real universal struggle. We all strive to grow as we deserve, but when that growth necessitates losing a part of ourselves, how can we sever that part of our soul? Lines like “Do we give up half a life? Don’t know if can afford to pay the price” articulate this point in a way only she can, as she sets to prove that in fact, love is a strange old thing.

Through her musings on this one chapter of her life ending, she has started a new one as a modern-day poet. As her music continues to inspire those who listen to her words, we wait with eager ears for the next installment of this artist’s work.

Written by Nick Gumas





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