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Artist Interview: “World Goes Around” by Chris Stanley

Q: “World Goes Around” has a big sound and is so moving. What was your goal when writing it?

CHRIS STANLEY: Thank you! I wanted to create something that captured a feeling of pressure to meet expectations of perfection set against the doldrums of some of life’s monotony. I think we can all sometimes get this feeling of blah blah blah: What does the world want from me (laughing)? For me, it is the feeling of living through the day-to-day while knowing deep inside there is something bigger out there.

Q: I’m so surprised that this is your debut EP because these releases sound like you’ve been releasing music for years. How long have you been doing music?

CHRIS: Again, you are so kind! I have been writing and playing music in some way or another since I was little, a teenager perhaps. In my youth, the ‘pursuit’ of music as a profession was heavier at certain times than others, and it took getting through some ‘life’ before realizing we are only here for a short time and to stop denying that I cannot extinguish this persistence in me.


Q: What was it like working with chart-topping producer Eric Lilavois?

CHRIS: Eric is so talented! I believe his superpower is getting one to be their truest form of self. Not to mention, he is the kindest soul you’ll ever meet. He listens and communicates in a way that helps one solve their own puzzles. He is also unintentionally intimidating at times, though, because he’s so cool, too (laughing).


Q: When you write music, do you usually write alone or collaborate with someone? Which do you prefer?

CHRIS: I typically write alone, initially. Words and music and a basic structure. I do enjoy collaborating, though, and am often humbled by (and grateful for) the time and talents of the wonderful musicians I’ve worked with.


Q: Since working on your EP, what are some things you’ve learned about yourself or just learned, period?

CHRIS: There have been a lot of technical and logistical lessons learned in terms of pulling everything and everyone together in a practical sense. The artistic process of recording is, needless to say, very different than performing live. It’s always a task to find the balance between pursuing the perfect take, with the idea that nothing will ever be ‘perfect’. What matters to me is if the ‘feeling’ you want to convey is there.


Q: What’s a big goal You hope to reach while pursuing music?

CHRIS: I would love to tour with a more established act, and I am in pursuit of labels who would believe in what we are doing to join forces and bring this music to those who would enjoy it.


Q: If you were to headline your own tour, who would you have opening for you?

CHRIS: I am all about paying it forward! There are so many talented musicians out there! I would love the opportunity to showcase some of the talented people I have come across in my hometown of Seattle.


Q: Words can’t express how much I loved your record, and I don’t even think I need to wish you luck on your music journey because of how incredible the EP is. I believe with all my heart that thousands of people will love it! But I wish you all the luck in the world, and I can’t wait to see you bloom!

CHRIS: That means more to me than I can express. I have to say, it is not for accolades that I am in pursuit of these goals. It is for finding people, such as yourself, to share it with. Your words are such a welcomed reassurance that there is an audience out there who might enjoy it with me. Thank you so very much. 

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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