“All i ever needed” by The Project

Gearing up for the release of their debut album Best Days, James Davis’s band The Project is releasing their seventh single “All I ever needed,” available everywhere now. Before The Project, Davis gained recognition as the lead guitarist for the critically acclaimed group Shameless. Davis shared that alongside their stack of single releases they are also booking a tour in 2025 with dates in the US, UK, and Japan.

“All I ever needed” starts out with roaring electric guitars full of energy. Once you’re launched in Davis sings, “life is full of scars we all hid / show me yours / I’ll show you mine,” immediately finding this connection with the other person in the song. The band takes a lot of influence from the early 2000s rock, with a super anthemic chorus almost mirroring Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On” or Paramore’s “All I Wanted.” While those tracks are more ballad-like, The Project leans more into the tough, grungy that gives the genre its signature sound.

Production wise, the song has a lot of fun leaning into breakdowns and anthems, giving it a full interesting sound. Davis’s vocals are passionate and strong, his emotion really making the song what it is,

Overall, “All i ever needed,” has nostalgic elements to it while allowing modern influences in too. The song is great for those who are fans of that earlier rock, or what a song with a strong message and story. So, if you have not listened to the track yet be sure to go listen now!

Written by Katie Power




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