“Electric Kid” by Dirty Mitts

Blending power rock and blues, the UK based group Dirty Mitts has released their latest single “Electric Kid,” out everywhere now. Being based in the UK, the band came together from the UK, Poland, and Egypt. They came together because of a shared love for hooky riffs and vintage vibes. The track was commissioned by fashion designer Mounir Ghazi, and they collaborated with Ghazi on the lyrics as well.

“Electric Kid” starts off with a bluesy guitar riff that loops throughout the track. Vocalist Tommy Balaam has a voice perfect for the sound the group is going for. He can put this grit on his voice but also shows up an impressive clean range. He gives a believable and passionate performance about being this rebel navigating the world. The four-piece band works very well together with the drums sharply in the band and the bass following suit. The guitar adds that needed color and roughness that the song begs for.

Lyrically, it tells the story of the Electric Kid, and how he grew up and went through these hardships but how those made him who he is. Balaam sings, “Paris made me a man / that b*tch made me heartless / now I’m trouble / now I’m a mess / I’m the electric kid.”

Overall, the band shows that they are able to take someone else’s story and bring it to life, which is impressive. They make this story their own and feels like it could be a staple to the soundtrack of the group going forward.

Written by Katie Power





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