“Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed” by STELL

UK-based Indie Rock artist STELL takes the first step in launching their musical career today with the debut of their Freshman single “Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed.” With this release, they waste no time establishing their hard-hitting and 90s-inspired sound that captures a style of passion and energy not seen since the days of Warped Tour.

The squeal of a sliding electric guitar quickly turns to rhythmic strumming as the artist wastes no time getting to the story’s thesis with the opening line “I don’t wanna get out of bed today, I’ve got the whole world inside my head.” While the lyrics might initially reflect a sense of stagnated melancholy, the upbeat flow of the song’s second act proves to be far from that.

As the piece passes the first verse, it explodes with a sense of narrative urgency. The words “Today” in a distorted vocal fuzz, scream out through the chorus, serving as a battle cry that punctuates the charged sentiment of the piece with a unique flair.

Categorized by an angsty tone, both in the lyrics and instrumental delivery, “Don’t Wanna Get Out of Bed” displays a sense of thrilling bravado that thoroughly energizes audiences. The vocal tone and quality are similar to that of Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins and backed by a post-grunge instrumental that fills the listener with a sense of directed motivation. After a debut such as this, we can only wait with anticipation to hear what comes next from this artist’s studio.

Written by Nick Gumas





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