“Not Right” by Wheaux Knows (feat. Gunplay Juice)

Hip-hop artist Wheaux Knows’ vulnerable new track, “Not Right” (feat. Gunplay Juice), is a raw, introspective song that resonates with the realities of our modern society. It touches on topics such as the complexities of love, the harsh realities of violence, the allure and dangers of drugs, and the societal challenges we all face. These deep-rooted lyrics offer a profound insight into the artist’s innermost personal thoughts and feelings, inviting the audience to reflect on these themes. All of this is sung harmoniously over a captivating melody that enhances the emotional impact of the lyrics without overpowering them.  

From a musical standpoint, Wheaux’s innate talent and flow as a rapper is a testament to his artistry in “Not Right.” He flawlessly maintains his rhythm throughout his three captivating verses, barely taking a breath. Gunplay Juice’s melodic background vocals bring a sultry, R&B vibe, adding a somewhat upbeat feel to a slightly heavy track due to the overall theme. Their combined efforts showcase the depth and versatility of their musical abilities, leaving the audience in awe.

Wheaux raps about topics ranging from the death of a loved one, being hurt by those you trust the most, and gun violence, all while doing this in a smooth, mesmerizing manner. The slight autotune used on his vocals, a beloved and popular sound in the hip-hop scene, adds an exciting element to the overall sound of “Not Right.”

Fans of R&B and rap artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott will be thrilled by the gritty undertones of Wheaux Knows’ lyrics in “Not Right.” Take a listen now, available on major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano




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