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Review & Interview: “What Did You Think (Would Happen)” by Brittany Danielle

Get ready to add a new gem to your summer playlist with “What Did You Think (Would Happen)” by the incredibly talented American singer-songwriter Brittany Danielle! This vocal powerhouse, known for her stunning red tresses, dropped the track on March 26, and the anticipation and excitement from her fans have already propelled it to over 44,000 streams on Spotify.

Get ready to be captivated by a unique blend of groovy basslines, funky rhythms, flavorful synth, and a catchy hook. “WDYTWH” is a song that stands out with its distinctive sound, offering unforgettable moments. One such moment is when Danielle, with her powerful vocals, takes her listeners on a spiritual journey during the breakdown, singing:

“You don’t know what you’re doing to my heart/my emotions/ you don’t know what you’re doing to me.” This line, delivered with such raw emotion by Danielle, is a testament to the power of her music.

Her decision to reduce the song to bass, drums, and vocals at that moment and the subtle inclusion of the church organ created a deeply soul-stirring moment.

But don’t just take our word for it. Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring “WDYTWH” on your favorite music streaming platform, and connect with Danielle on her socials to share your thoughts and become a valued part of her journey.


Q&A with Brittany Danielle


Q: You did a phenomenal job with “What Did You Think (Would Happen).” I’d love to know what inspired the song.

BRITTANY: When I wrote this song, I was having a slump in the way of writing. It’s so funny that when things are going well in life, it feels like there’s nothing to write about. I was seeing my therapist regularly, working through some traumas, really doing great, and I was thinking, “Well, that’s it. Happy and healthy means there’s nothing to say”. But my friend was in this situationship/relationship, something that she kept talking about… you know when you run out of advice for a friend and you just give up? I said to her, “Well, what the f*** did you think was gonna happen, huh?!” And that’s how it all started. Unfortunately, the character at the lake house has since moved, but she and I laugh about it now.


Q: Have you performed it live yet? Or are you still waiting to do so?

BRITTANY: I had performed it solo many times. My band and I just played it out for the first time with some rad little adjustments for live shows. It’s going to be played out a lot this summer at festivals and parties.


Q: You’ve clearly got soul and funk in your bones and blood. Where did that come from?

BRITTANY: When I was growing up, I was exposed to blues a lot which was my gateway drug to soul and funk. There were some ’70s rock bands that had funk fusion going on as well, then there’s Elton John, and Bowie, and Ray Charles. I played piano from a young age and loved Ray so much. I practiced playing with sunglasses on and my eyes closed and tried to be as funky as possible.

I played a lot at churches as well. It wasn’t till college that I really got into playing with bands in the jazz/funk/soul genres. I spent time studying it when I got bored with classical music. That was the jumping-off point, for sure. That’s when I was able to translate my feelings with soul and funk. Before, it was as if I could listen and understand but not speak it.


Q: How long have you been singing and writing?

BRITTANY: I’ve been singing and writing since I was young. It wasn’t till COVID-19 that I went out as a lead singer. I was always background and supportive roles prior to that.


Q: How would you describe your sound to others?

BRITTANY: I usually say it’s soul-pop. But it also leans into adult contemporary and pop rock. Genres can be tricky.


Q: Who is your dream collaborator, and why?

BRITTANY: It was Ray for a long time. When he died, I was beside myself for a while, but I’d love to work with Sara Bareilles, Jon Batiste, and Elton John. They’re all piano based baddies, and have influenced me in huge ways. Many times by validating my work by the way they exist in the world. I just think they’re lovely.


Q: There’s about a two-year gap between your first album, “Hindsight,” and your latest release, “What Did You Think (Would Happen).” Why’s that?

BRITTANY: “Hindsight” was a book of diary entries. It was my jumping into the deep end of being a solo artist. It was a huge learning experience. I’m very much a “let’s jump and see” kind of person. I learned a lot from my first album experience and got to know myself, my working style, my likes, dislikes, and needs as an artist, writer, and entrepreneur. I spent the next few years marinating on that experience.

I was meeting people, learning how to trust people with my ideas, and honing in my sound. I was so fortunate to meet Alex Kiel a little over a year before we dropped “WDYTWH”, and he’s who I chose to work with for this album. There was an instant trust with him, and I knew he was the one to go with. Up to that point, these songs were sitting and waiting. 


Q: What do your listeners have to look forward to from you?

BRITTANY: I’ve just released the second single, Drive, which is the title track to the upcoming album. There will be two more drops before the album releases in November. I hope listeners feel the growth of this journey. There’s even a couple songs about love, dare I say… some crushes? Not everything is about hurt or loss.


Interviewed & Written by Taylor Berry




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