“Cinderella” by D’Lee

Country artist and singer-songwriter D’Lee is back on a stronger note than ever with her latest single, “Cinderella,” an electrifying country rock song that will invigorate your senses. Consisting of D’Lee’s hard-hitting vocals, an ultra-addicting melody, and blunt, uncompromising guitar and drums, “Cinderella” is the ultimate track for your next long car ride or dance with friends.

D’lee’s latest single comes off the success of her most recent release, “Kissing Frogs,” which resonated with both country and rock fans. With “Cinderella,” she reaffirms her songwriting prowess and knack for creating infectious tunes. This party anthem, perfect for your next girls night out, is just a taste of the excitement that’s building for D’Lee’s debut album, “Wonder Woman,” slated for release in fall 2024.

“Cinderella” begins with a thrilling guitar rift, cementing the powerful theme for the remainder of the song. D’lee’s vocals are high-powered and commanding, also adding onto the dominant and dynamic overall vibe of the track. Lyrics repeating how Cinderella “needs a day off from work” or just life in general, are repeated throughout the potent single. “Cinderella” not only serves as a power anthem but also highlights a relatable truth: that even the strongest people need a day off sometimes, making you feel understood.

Listen to “Cinderella” by D’lee today, available on major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano





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