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“Miss U” by Tyler Thomas

Accompanied only by a piano, Michigan’s Tyler Thomas, a man who carries his grandfather’s memory in his heart, composed a ballad for his late grandfather, who passed away before he graduated high school. In a gesture of profound vulnerability, he shares this deeply personal tribute with the world, inviting us all to share in his grief and remembrance.

Set against a backdrop of gentle piano melodies, Thomas pours his heart out in lyrics that vividly depict his pain and remorse for not having more time with his grandfather. These raw and soulful words serve as a poignant reminder of the emotional power of this composition.

Thomas, a master of his craft, delivers this song with a voice that resonates with the shared experiences of many. His genius as a songwriter is evident in the choice of lyrics, particularly the line, ‘And I never got a chance to say goodbye / Even now I think how I would never try / And now I always try my best to make things right.’ These words, so universally understood, invite us all to reflect on our own missed opportunities and the importance of making amends.

While it’s a simple arrangement, “Miss U” is powerfully emotionally moving and relatable, and it deserves a listen!

Written by Taylor Berry






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