“Duality” by S.P.G. Da General

Hip-hop artist and rapper S.P.G. Da General presents his latest album, “Perspectives of Duality,” a hard-hitting collection that resonates with fans of both old-school rap and modern beats. This seventeen-song-length album, featuring collaborations with other artists, is a testament to S.P.G. Da General’s versatility as an artist. His talent transcends rap eras, making him a vital presence in the contemporary rap and music scene, appealing to a wide range of classic and modern rap fans.

S.P.G. Da General’s talent as a rapper is indisputable– his flows never miss a beat while he barely catches a breath bar after bar. His sound is a fusion of well-renowned artists, such as old-school rappers like Nas, with a sound that has a liking to newer artists like Flatbush Zombies or Asap Ferg. His unique twist on this classic sound sets him apart, infusing it with modern elements and production techniques. The rapper’s sound is a refreshing departure from anything today, with his distinct twist simultaneously having an O.G. and contemporary vibe.

The opening track on the album, “Duality,” is a hard-hitter, setting the overall tone for the rest of the album – that this is not your average rap album. The song showcases S.P.G.’s fast flow, effortlessly switching from numerous rap flows. “It’s Nothing” has a more melodic melody, showcasing deep lyrics about toxicity and being hurt by those you love, a theme that reflects the album’s duality. Following this is “Conflicted Emotions,” which sounds like it belongs straight in the 90s, with S.P.G.’s blunt lyrics and the R&B-esque instrumental, another example of the album’s duality. 

Other standouts include “Missing Trees,” a trippy, loopy track with an ultra-catchy and mesmerizing instrumental that evokes a sense of nostalgia, and “Nadine’s Requiem,” which features an electrifying guitar solo. This genre-fusing album highlights S.P.G. Da General’s versatility once again as an artist and how he created a powerful emotional resonance with the listeners. 

Listen to “Perspectives of Duality,” available on major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano





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