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Review & Interview: “Barista Love” by Beautiful Sabotage

Canadian reggae band Beautiful Sabotage’s track “Barista Love” is what you need to listen to right now, especially with summer arriving soon!

Beautiful Sabotage’s drummer, Pedz, delivered a scorching performance on the kits, bassist Deth’s nimble bass lines were the song’s pulsating heartbeat, and leading the charge is guitarist and vocalist Dy, whose impressive range and mastery of the reggae guitar style and chord progressions are a attestation to the band’s musical prowess.

The lyrics of “Barista Love” are catchy, and the surprise addition of French at the end adds an exciting, international flair. Beautiful Sabotage, experienced in the reggae department, keeps things chill and groovy.

‘Barista Love’ is the perfect summer jam, guaranteed to add a cool and groovy vibe to your playlist, with its catchy lyrics and surprise addition of French at the end adding a unique, international flair.

Q&A with Beautiful Sabotage



BEAUTIFUL SABOTAGE: Dy: These two albums always bring me to another time where I’ve never been before but feel familiar; [it] feels like home. If I’m stuck on an island, I would bring “Wandering Soul” by Hirie and Artikal Sound System’s “Welcome to Florida,” these will keep me from being homesick.

Deth: We have been incredibly influenced by Hirie throughout our journey as a band, that I would be choosing to bring any of her albums. We found our music by listening to her music, this would be a great jam if I get stranded on an island!

Pedz: Other than Reggae, I enjoy listening to metal, and yes, I’m a proud metal guy! I would definitely bring Metallica’s “Kill Em All” and “Master of Puppets” and will rock this island!


Q: Congratulations on your sophomore album! I’m surprised to see that it’s self-titled. Usually, it’s the first album, but you guys made the second album self-titled. Why is that?

BEAUTIFUL: Beautiful Sabotage was formed in such great timing and our songs were flowing in such great rhythm. The first album has brought us nothing but positive feelings, which leads us [to] choosing “Good Vibes” as an album title. We didn’t really expect a second album, as this started as experimental. Then COVID hit, everything just stopped, except for us writing more songs.

We ended up having enough songs to record a full-track album. The second album is the “growing” Beautiful Sabotage, still trying to blend our individual colors and personalities into our songs, still very raw and should be treated like our first. We then decided to bend the rules and make the second album self-titled one.


Q: “Barista Love” is the first song on the album. What’s it about? Why the title?

BEAUTIFUL: “Barista Love” was the first song that we wrote right after our first album. This song is all about appreciating the little things in life that matter the most. Life is passing by fast and we tend to miss the best parts, like having someone to make you coffee every morning is such a wonderful thing!

Q: The band has performed its original music numerous times in public, including “Barista Love.” What’s that like? How does it feel?

BEAUTIFUL: Playing our songs live is always an overwhelming experience. The great feeling is always there, even in bad times, when we mess up a song or something but always end up having a great time! We are always blown away [by] how positive the feedback from the crowd is. They dance to our music which is always, always contagious!


Q: “Beautiful Sabotage” is a 12-track album. What has been one of your favorite memories along the path to making the album?

BEAUTIFUL: One of the most memorable moments of making the album was the recording part. We had played the songs so many times, and having to finally lay them out on recording was just a satisfying feeling. All the ideas we came up with during the recording were just as fun! It was like making a new song out of an old one because we had been playing them so many times, and due to the pandemic, the recording was pushed back.


Q: What has been one of the most significant moments of the band’s musical journey so far?

BEAUTIFUL: The most significant moment of our musical journey so far is having to play in different provinces across Canada. We have never been to all these cities just to play! Touring is totally our favorite part of this journey, giving us a chance to share our music and meet new people!


Q: When the band is working on music, what do you all do together for fun?

BEAUTIFUL: We have always been questioned on how we make music, and we can proudly say that Cannabis has always played a special role. As a band, we enjoy smoking weed and creating music together. Before a set, we enjoy a nice Kief joint!


Written & Interviewed by Taylor Berry





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