“Tsunamical” by MOONTWIN

UK-based musical duo, Montwin has taken another step in their musical career with today marking the release of their latest single  “TSUNAMICAL.” A piece categorized by its chilling beats and baselines juxtaposed with mesmerizing vocals, it takes the listener on a journey of emotional discovery. As they add this song to their catalog, they further cement their identity as not just a musical act, but a fully immersive sensory experience. 

The piece begins with a few non-musical sounds to set the mood. Some beeps from a touch-tone dial pad lead to the ringing of a phone. As the call goes straight to voicemail, the song takes off. From the moment the music begins, we feel a hypnotic fascination with the direction of the beat. Calming in its demeanor, yet still upbeat and full of energy, it invokes similar emotions that one would feel when listening to Shoegaze, but still gives the listener the energy to move around to the beat.

The vocals of the song are delivered in a hauntingly rhythmic fashion. As the chorus repeats, a pulsating beat highlights the artist’s delivery of “Hello, you know the tsunami is coming even though you know I got a fear of falling.”

Featuring a series of heavy beats and a delivery reminiscent of the 90’s underground rave scene, “TSUNAMICAL” proves itself to be a hard-hitting and danceable tune, much in the style of artists such as Grimes. The single blends elements of electronic and rock music to create their newest barrier-penetrating earworm in a way that won’t be easy to forget.

Written by Nick Gumas





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