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Review & Interview: “Here She Comes” by Monkeybrew

The track ‘Here She Comes’ by Canadian band Monkeybrew is a sonic force unlike any other, a unique blend of sounds that will pique your curiosity and demand your attention. It’s a must-listen!

Monkeybrew continues to impress with this release, showcasing how dynamic they are with a swaggering beat, tasteful guitars, and twangy banjos. The contrast between the choruses and the verses ensures you won’t tire of “Here She Comes.”

Don’t just listen to “Here She Comes,” immerse yourself in the world of Monkeybrew. Add this dynamic track to your playlist and follow them on their socials to join their musical journey!


Q&A with Monkeybrew


Q: Hey, thanks for doing this interview! It means a lot. I wanted to start off with an icebreaker. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

MONKEYBREW: We’ll be modest and settle for a simple artifact: A universal key to unlock any heart. The potential for good things and sweet mischief is mind-boggling.

Q: I love how humorous the lyrics are for “Here She Comes.” Do you think it projects the personality of the band?

MONKEYBREW: Yes! This is one of the things we have in common within the band—a similar take on life and the importance of seeing the bigger picture; how humor and grace can carry us through relationships, marriage, and, eventually, fatherhood. It’s the same live-and-let-live attitude we bring to our music.

Q: What was the creative process of making the song?

MONKEYBREW: The starting point for the song was a funk beat sample we kept speeding up and slowing down, messing around with different chord structures and rhythms on top of it. Somehow, it morphed into an idea of a late ’50s/early ’60s kind of soundscape with reverberated guitars on top of a heavy, melodic bassline.

We replaced the sample with a tighter and heavier drum beat, which changed the mood. The newfound landscape inspired the lyrical idea of freezing a moment, the kind of moment any mature relationship experiences, where you know things are about to go off the rails and there’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s not a big deal, because you know you’re glued together, you’ve been through this before, and it will work itself out in the end.

Q: You’ve got a few singles out: “Been Too Long,” “Gone,” “Blown Open,” “Breaking Apart,” and “Here She Comes.” Is an album in the band’s future?

MONKEYBREW: Eyes, we’re trying to make that happen. We just have to agree on which songs to finish and where to put them. At the moment, we’re working in three different directions that might turn into three different albums: one indie/rock, one electronica, and one in the more acoustic, bluesy corner. We’ll see what happens… For now, we’ll keep dropping some singles here and there.


Monkeybrew, Here She Comes, single, song, music, music review, review

Q: Who are Monkeybrew’s biggest influences?

MONKEYBREW: We’re eclectic on top of eclectic… Our musical backgrounds and preferences are very different and disjointed, which hopefully colors what we do in an interesting way. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly who or what informs whatever it is we are doing. Lyrically, there’s probably some inspiration taken from Steve Taylor / Peter Furler and their ability to write about serious stuff in a light manner, and vice versa. Musically, it’s anyone’s guess.

Q: How would you describe Monkeybrew’s identity?

MONKEYBREW: Maybe a fascination with the inherent weirdness of ordinary life? We don’t know. We would love to be able to say, “This is us!” But we’re not at a place where we know what “this” or “us” is. Yet. We’ll get there.

Q: What keeps Monkeybrew going (or continue pursuing music)

MONKEYBREW: What keeps us going is probably the idea that we might evolve into something we could not predict and bring into the world songs that would not have come into existence had it not been for the four of us coming together, colliding in ideas and sound… The less pretentious answer is that we’re having fun and don’t take ourselves, our ideas, our tastes or our band too seriously. Music should, ideally, be an endeavor reflecting surplus energy and joy, something we try to reflect.

Q: What’s next for Monkeybrew?

MONKEYBREW: We’ll keep on trucking, writing, recording and releasing songs and, hopefully, some albums. If we manage to build an audience in the process, brilliant. If not, we’ll keep on rolling anyway. It’s quite cathartic, shouting at the world from the chord tops!


Interviewed & Written by Taylor Berry







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