“Weekend” by No Seem Ums

For fans of garage and punk-rock music, No See Ums’ new track “Weekend” offers a unique blend of nostalgia and modernity. The clever lyrics, sung over a beachy instrumental of hard-hitting drums and jangly guitars, create an upbeat feel. Yet, the lyrics, which contrast with feelings of disconnection and loneliness, add a layer of depth. This intriguing blend of elements not only captures the essence of the song but also invites listeners to explore and connect with it. 

No See Ums, hailing from Brighton, UK, came together during the Covid-19 pandemic. The band’s lineup includes guitarist and lyricist Phil Johnstone, known for his work with the popular psych-prog-rock band The Qwarks. On Bass is Jax Burley, known from the Queer Punk band Daffodildos, and drummer Nick Flowers, also from The Qwarks. This mix of talent and experience brings a unique flavor to their music, making them a band to watch.

The track “Weekend” kicks off with a lively and infectious instrumental, immediately setting a vibrant tone. As the chorus approaches, the instrumental swells, with the drums growing louder and more intense. This escalation is mirrored in singer Phil Johnstone’s lyrics, which become more impassioned: “I’m starting to hate everything again; Even when I close my eyes, I see lots of I despise; I’m starting to hate everything again; Please don’t try to understand or make me try to explain.” Despite the overall cheery and bright feel of the track, these lyrics underscore the depth and significance of the song’s message. 

“Weekend” comes out on the first day, a Friday–just in time for the weekend. Take a listen today, June 7th 2024, available on major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano






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