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Review & Interview: “This Hurricane” by DustyG

DustyG, an American musician, takes listeners on an impactful journey with his debut single, “Hurricane,” released on April 10, 2024.

The up-and-comer’s distinctive track weaves a tapestry of sound, blending a steady beat and bass with intimate piano and vibrant synth. Just when you think you’ve grasped DustyG’s sonic direction after the first verse and chorus, the rising star takes a daring turn, particularly in the second chorus. DustyG momentarily strips away the instrumentals, showcasing his exceptional vocal prowess, before reintroducing them to accompany him on the rest of the journey.

Not only is DustyG a phenomenal musician and singer, but he also excels as a storyteller. His lyrics, steeped in imagery, delve into the struggle of finding or holding onto hope in times of turmoil, a theme that resonates with many. This innate ability to connect with his listeners is a testament to his artistry.

With his recent release, Fire In My Head,” DustyG continues to prove his musical prowess. If he maintains this level of dedication and creativity, there’s no doubt that he has a bright future ahead in the music industry. We eagerly anticipate what he has in store for us next.


Q&A with DustyG


Q: Hey, I want to start off with an icebreaker. If you could rewatch a movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DUSTYG: For me, it would have to be The Princess Bride. It’s just such a classic masterpiece, with everything you want out of a story.


Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview, and congrats on this debut single! It’s such a big moment in the chorus of “Hurricane.” I didn’t expect to have my breath taken away instantly by your flawless vocal capabilities and such powerful instrumentation. Did you plan for “Hurricane” to have such an emotional force in each component, or is it something that just happened?

DUSTYG: It was kind of just natural for that component to be emotional and impactful in the story I’m trying to convey. I knew how I wanted it to feel.


Q: Towards the end, did you really hit those high notes? How many years of singing did it take to master something like that?

DUSTYG: While I wish I had that kind of range, naturally, I did have some help during production for those really high notes to work. I look at songwriting as storytelling. I view the vocals of a song as being just like any other instrument, and I’m not afraid to tune or manipulate it like any of my other instruments.

I want to tell stories that people relate to, so if that means collaborating with another vocalist or adjusting my vocals to better serve the story, I will. While I like writing music, it’s not my main job at the moment and I don’t really have any aspirations to sing on stage or anything, I feel like I’m more of a producer than a singer and would much prefer to be behind the scenes then center stage.


Q: I think “Hurricane” relates to many people in so many different ways. But where did the lyrics come from? Were you in a dark place where only a sliver of hope could be found?

DUSTYG: I have kind of what I think might be an unusual approach to music. I write my lyrics first and the music to serve the lyrics. This may be backwards for a lot of artists but it serves me best in telling a story. The lyrics are about navigating the chaos that life throws at you.

In my case, my mother’s health was failing at the time I wrote this song, and she’s since just recently passed away, so it kind of hits a little different for me now. I think life can be chaotic and in those times it’s important to find hope, my mom was always looking for the good in any situation and I wanted to reflect that mentality here.


Q: I love the butterfly art cover. How does it relate to “Hurricane”?

DUSTYG: The butterfly represents hope, while the swirling shapes are the chaotic storm of life we all experience. I had this image in my mind of a butterfly flying through a hurricane at sea, so that was kind of the seed that led to the final art.


Q: Now, “Hurricane” was your first released single (correct me if I’m wrong), and you just dropped your sophomore record, titled “Fire In My Head.” Are you working on a record? What direction are you headed?

DUSTYG: Right now, I’m taking a pause as I process losing my mom, but I plan on putting together a short album at some point.


Q: What’s one thing you want people to know about you as an artist?

DUSTYG: I just want to make music I like that people can relate to.


Q: Would you like to say anything to your future and existing listeners?

DUSTYG: We’re only here once, so be excellent to each other.



Interviewed & Written by Taylor Berry




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