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Review & Interview: “I’m Going Crazy” by Gzelle C

Gzelle C, a rising star under 18, entered the music industry at a tender age. Her journey began at 12, and her hit track, ‘I’m Going Crazy,’ is a testament to her early start and unwavering dedication.

In April, the emerging pop sensation, Gzelle C, unveiled ‘I’m Going Crazy,’ a gift to listeners. Her impeccable lyrical deliverance, infectious energy, and bubbly presence were fully displayed.

The track, a harmonious blend of Gzelle’s flow with a vivacious beat and melody, is a unique fusion of early ’00s pop and R&B, evoking a delightful nostalgia—it should since the emerging star sampled R&B singer-songwriter Natalie’s 2005 hit “Goin’ Crazy.” Gzelle, Natalie would be proud!

One thing is certain: Gzelle C and her team are masters at entertaining listeners. Don’t just take our word for it; explore her track on your favorite music streaming service. And while you’re at it, follow Gzelle on her socials to stay updated on her exciting music journey.


Q&A with Gzelle C

Period, Gzelle!


Interviewed & Written by Taylor Berry







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