“Veil Lifter” by Post Death Soundtrack

Post Death Soundtrack, the grunge/metal band from Vancouver, Canada, is back with their latest album, “Veil Lifter.” The band’s hard-hitting, nostalgic yet modern sound is heard yet again in the new album, a compilation of ten multi-dimensional tracks, each with its quirky twist while maintaining Post Death’s distinct sound. The group’s sound is somewhat reminiscent of rock bands such as Metallica or Nirvana, having a recognizable yet unique sound, making “Veil Lifter” a must-listen for any grunge or metal music enthusiast. 

“Veil Lifter” is the duo’s (Stephen Moore & Jon Ireson) fourth full-length release. This multi-faceted, genre-fusing album takes the listener on a grungy, gloomy journey with its tracks, some heavy-hitters, while others are more atmospheric. Following their last album, “It Will Come Out of Nowhere,” “Veil Lifter” represents a departure from the band’s previous work. The band has taken a different direction with this album, focusing on a more organic live sound, a shift that is sure to pique the interest of their fans. 

The growth of the Canadian duo is prominently showcased in “Veil Lifter,” where they have shifted their focus to the raw guitar-heavy elements while simultaneously moving away from their electronic sound, at least for this album. Aside from the instrumental element coming from both Ireson and Moore, the vocals from Moore deserve a focus as well; his undeniable talent is showcased within his singing, effortlessly switching from low-toned to scream-like vocals. 

Songs like the opening, “The Die Is Cast,” is a guitar-driven track, with elements highlighting both Moore’s vocals and the exhilarating instrumental. In contrast, others like “Ice Underground” are more grunge-heavy tracks. The final song on the album, “Hammer Come Down,” ends on an even stronger note than the album began. Some other favorites include “Lowdown Animal,” a heavy-hitting track edging on being a screamo song at moments, furthering the album’s multi-dimensional sound. 

Thematically, the album delves into deeply personal and often taboo topics such as mental illness, offering a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the band’s experiences. According to the band, the album was written, “…from deep within the shadow during nearly impossible times. Isolation, depression, addiction, chaos, burned bridges, health failures, and strangely, perseverance and the resilience of the inner witness. So in many ways, it’s an invocation of protection and spiritual weaponry at a time when it was greatly needed.” This lyrical depth is sure to resonate with listeners, fostering a sense of connection and understanding.

Written by Melissa Cusano







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