“Fake Bears…but ROCK!!!1!11!!1!” by Fake Bears

Finding inspiration from the music he grew up on, Fake Bears has released his EP Fake Bears…but ROCK!!!1!11!!1!  which is a remix of some of his previous singles alongside a new single “Uninterested.” Fake Bears in a one-man project by EJ that was originally from 2016-2018 until his friends convinced him to restart the project in 2023.

Fake Bears has an alt-rock/indie sound with lyrics that are more conversational with “Uninterested” opening with, I think it’s time for me to get some help / its 3am I’m eating Taco Bell / I guess you hate me I can never tell.”

The sound suits Fake Bears lyricism, trading in the piano synths for roaring electric guitars, showing the songs do fit in the genre. Going forward, it would be exciting to see Fake Bears explore this sound more.

Written by Katie Power





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