“Innocent Harmony” by Jay Sprouse

With 15 years in the making, Jay Sprouse is sharing his four track EP Innocent Harmony. The story started with feeling inspired to buy a guitar after watching a Tom Petty movie, shortly after, Sprouse became self-taught on guitar and piano, before moving to Austin to have the songs recorded. “Innocent Harmony” is also the lead single of the project.

Written in 2008, the tracks have a nostalgic feel to them, still feeling classic and timeless. The bluesy vocals and hooky melodies, Sprouse has a smooth and sultry voice that compliments his style nicely. His authenticity and passion shine throughout the single. The drums and guitars glide alongside him.

Overall, it is inspiring that Sprouse took songs he wrote at a low point and shared them with the world more than a decade and a half later and they still hold up.

Written by Katie Power





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