“He’s (No) James Bond” by Heliara

Exploring the complexities of an iconic character, Canada based artist Heliara has released her new thrilling track “He’s (no) James Bond.” Heliara is a passionate songwriter and storyteller, with a passion for language and a pride for writing all her own lyrics. Alongside being an artist, Heliara is a former flight attendant and currently a lawyer. She is able to draw on her life experiences and the experiences of fictional characters to blend together an epic, dimensional story.

“He’s (no) James Bond” questions what part James Bond plays in his life; is he a villain, hero, victim, or some combination of the three? The story plays out with a woman falling in love with suave and manipulative man that convinces her that he is this strong and clever guy, when in reality he is more of a villain than he lets on. By saying he is no James Bond, we find that he is not the hero she thought she needed.

Lyrically, the character starts to feel paranoid, singing, “you’re gonna save the world tonight / or maybe is it you who needs help before you hurt somebody else?”

Production-wise, the dark pop track blends cellos, pianos, and Heliara’s beautiful smooth vocals. She is able to convey such personality in her voice while showing off her impressive range.

Overall, the song takes a twist on a classic story, the woman thinks she has met her savior and slowly learns that she did not need a man to save her after all. It is an empowering anthem that paints a beautiful picture of self-worth.

Written by Katie Power





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